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Being in the fitness industry, I always search the web for what's new. What are the new trends and fads I can debunk and who is trying to sell what. It's amazing the crazy things people try to sell to people on their websites. Playing to the masses who want to lose weight to be healthier, up their self-esteem, or even just keep up with their kids! There is so much nonsense out there….one of the reasons why GFitRev was born.

    Recently, during one my Googlefests, I came across a website - I was intrigued. The site is displayed nicely. Very user friendly and easy to navigate. The whole idea is that of the Challenge. Challenge yourself, your friends, your competition. Anything goes. 

     At Konkura people can create their own profiles and add friends to challenge or stay motivated with. From there,  you can start uploading videos and instruction for your own home made challenges. Some are as easy as how many push ups you can do in one minute, to more of an athlete level intensity like the 300 warrior workout challenge. Those who post their videos can be seen on the leader board of each challenge they participate in. An extra oomph of motivation is the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal places your photo is showcased in depending on how well you perform. Not only is that on the individual challenge level but it's organized with points by country as well. Have some national pride? Make sure your country is at the top of the World Leader Board. You need to, of course, confirm actual participation in the challenge through your own video upload. Whether you create your own challenges or just try out out others', there is a lot to do on this site.

     Sometimes those of us out there that have been working out for a while need something more stimulating. If you are the competitive type this is right up your alley. I personally see it being useful as sort of a log or running record of your progress. Say you attempt the plank challenge one week and hold 15 seconds. Next time, a week later, you may be up to 45 seconds. Keep it up and who knows? You may be up there with the Gold challenger at 40 minutes! But of course if you are the "pick things up and put them down" type feel free to try to kick everyone's ass for the sheer sake of saying you did.

    Even if having the competitive edge doesn't necessarily fit your personality type and your main goal is to get off your butt for a few minutes a day without being bored, this site is still for you. There are various challenges which are all labeled for you with the level of difficulty. You can search for beginner challenges and find whatever your interest is for that day. Feel like a hardcore workout? It's there. Feel like a more laid back challenge? Try the How Many Socks in a Minute Challenge or the Bottle of Bud Race. If you do go for the Bud, please don't get all ballsy and attempt one of the more difficult challenges. Konkura will not be held liable for stupidity.  

     Need a little more incentive? Konkura also hosts challenge where you can win prizes. Beat the highest Jump Squats in a minute and you'll earn yourself a new pair of Asics Gel 1150s. Of course there are sponsored challenges trying to push their own products and whatnot…..oh that reminds me….


All of your beloved GFitRev trainers will be hosting challenges at! Be sure to look out for challenges specific to subscribers. You are already ahead of the game with some of the workouts we will have up at Konkura as well as at your favorite site for health and fitness, And, if any of you Revolutionaries feel like you are up for the challenge, contact us at to convince us why we should feature you in your own challenge to be on both sites!


Stay fit, Stay Healthy. Need Help? We're here.


Jessica Guevara

President & Owner of G Fitness Revolution, Inc.